BIOCentre, Zagreb’s incubation centre for the biosciences, is proud to announce that together with HAMAG BICRO and EEN it is sponsoring a full-day workshop with Dr. Michael Glazer of the investment banking firm SEE Regional Advisors. Dr. Glazer will talk about Commercializing scientific research, Valuing a business, and Marketing in the startup context. You will learn when and how scientific research can be turned into commercial products, some of the methods of valuing a business, including a startup business, and why and how even the newest and smallest startup should put marketing high on its list of priorities.

The workshop will take place at BIOCentre on 17.12.2019 from 10:00 to 14:00. Refreshments will be offered and there will be an opportunity for networking and following the workshop.

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Dr. Glazer began his finance career in New York and is now based in Southeastern Europe, where for almost 25 years he has practiced as an investment banker. Soon after he arrived in SEE, he and two local partners founded what became Croatia’s leading independent securities firm. He was elected Founding President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Croatia (the first AmCham in ex-Yugoslavia) and founding Vice President of the Croatian Turnaround Management Association.

Dr. Glazer currently focuses on advising and obtaining finance for companies and projects in SEE, aiding troubled companies, their owners and creditors and assisting local and foreign clients to expand their markets within and beyond that region. His strong background in entrepreneurship and technology (he was a systems analyst and was CIO of several of the firms that he established) and his skill in team and project management has led him to develop a specialty in working with technology-based startups and scaleups.

Dr. Glazer is currently working with, among other early stage clients, a bioinformatics scaleup which he is advising on business expansion and on development and commercialization of a novel software solution. He is also advising a medical CBD/THC startup.

Dr. Glazer is a graduate of The Yale Law School (J.D.), Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs (Masters in Public Affairs with a focus on International Affairs and Economics) and the University of New Hampshire (B.S. Physics).

10:00 – Registration

10:30 – 11:15 – Commercializing scientific research: An overview

  • What is commercialization?
  • What types of research are appropriate for commercialization?
  • What types of people are appropriate for commercialization?
  • What are the key concerns in identifying a project/product for commercialization?
    • Market niche
    • IP
    • Financial return
  • The commercialization process
  • Funding commercialization
  • Q&A

11:20 – 12:00 – Valuing a business: the basics

  • Standard valuation methods
    • Asset based
      – Book value
      – Going concern
      – Liquidation
    • Market value based
      – Comparables
    • Earnings based
      – Discounted cash flow
    • Backward looking
    • Forward looking
  • Key issues
    • History/Projections
    • Accounting Income/Cash Flow
    • Assumptions
  • Differences between valuing mature concerns and valuing startups/scaleups
  • Stress testing
  • Q&A

12:00 – 13:00 – Lunch and coffee break

13:00 – 13:45 – Marketing: Why the Better Mousetrap Hypothesis is wrong

  • What is Marketing?
  • How Marketing differs from Sales
  • Branding as part of Marketing
  • Product Marketing vs. Brand Marketing
  • Marketing and Finance
  • Marketing and Recruiting
  • Marketing, Sales and Product Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Etc.
  • Q&A

13:45 – Networking

If you want to sign up for this workshop, please fill in this form