BIOCentre and Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs organised the “Biotech Business Seminar for Ambassadors and Economic Counselors”, which took place in BIOCentre, Zagreb, June 28th, 2017.

Biosciences and biotechnology industry are ripe with opportunities that are growing too big and too rapidly to ignore, with significant potential to help people live healthier, happier and longer lives. Biotech and pharmaceutical industries are changing, emphasizing utilization of innovative, knowledge-based technological solutions. In that process, key success factor is finding the new forms of collaboration and partnerships enabling distribution and virtualization of organizational structures that are moving from vertically integrated company systems towards integrated networks of outsourced activities.

Croatian response to these trends is establishing the BIOCentre – biosciences technology and incubation centre that provides infrastructure and services necessary for growth and development of the early stage biotech companies and facilitates collaboration between academic institutions and the industry. It also creates a network of institutions, companies and individuals directly or indirectly involved in biosciences.

Biotech Business Seminar for Ambassadors and Economic Counselors intention was to bring together diplomatic and economic representatives in Croatia as well as representatives of Croatian R&D institutions and companies to exchange experiences and best practices in building competitive biotech entrepreneurial ecosystems.