What is BIOIncubation?

The goal of BIOIncubation program is to provide business assistance and advisory services necessary for growth and development of the early stage biotech companies.

In the incubation process, BIOCentre provides support essential for a company’s successful start on the market: employee training, and technical and funding consultancy. BIOCentre also enables access to an extremely important network of business contacts.

The following business assistance and advisory services are available to entrepreneurs and businesses:

Business viability assessment – entrepreneurs with initial funding can get an opportunity to test their business idea by creating a prototype and testing it in a laboratory environment.

Mentorship program – offers cooperation with mentors experienced in the field of science and business, who provide support to startups in specific aspects of their business.

The services are intended for:

  • Academic startups
  • Researchers pursuing projects with commercial potential and looking for opportunities to start a business.
  • Companies that need laboratory space for biotechnological processes and products development – young, innovative companies, existing SMEs, but also corporations can use some of the services and development processes offered.
  • Companies seeking specialist employee training – training opportunities are available to companies through attending BIOCentre training programs.

BIOIncubation services also include the BIOFacility, BIOEducation and BIONetwork programs according to the specific needs of each user.

BIOCentre is also able to offer high quality, specially prepared pre-incubation process services:

  • Idea testing – the process in which the analysis of a technological concept
  • Concept check – it is carried out when it is possible to analyse the feasibility of the concept, which includes technical feasibility, market analyses, business plan…
  • Intellectual property protection

In the process of incubation, BIOCentre offers services especially important for a good start of a company in the market:

  • Trainings for capabilities improvements of managers and employees
  • Market research
  • Marketing services
  • Monitoring of legal regulations regarding the introduction of products or services in different markets
  • Contacts with investors
  • Network of business contacts