What is BIONetwork?

Building up a network between individuals, companies and institutions in biotech and financial sectors.

BIONetworking program offers access to the existing network of relevant institutions, companies and individuals in Croatia. It also connects domestic networks with international partners and colleagues.

With the help of the BIONetworking program, we encourage and facilitate the establishment of quality links between the bioscience community and institutions or potential partners from other sectors: investors, public institutions and business partners from other industries.

Regular meetings and gatherings of members and partners are a good opportunity to build potential collaboration and very often offer a useful exchange of unique experiences.

Attending club events creates a significant marketing presence and facilitates the establishment of new business opportunities.

The BIONetworking program provides access to databases containing quality, proven information on market-driven projects and technological solutions, as well as information on potential scientific and business partners.

In addition, the program also offers important regional contact points in other cities where there is a significant amount of quality projects that need BIOCentre’s services.

As part of this program, we encourage interest in commercializing research outputs and facilitating entry into entrepreneurial ventures.

For further information about joining the BIONetworking Program, please contact us at