What is BIOTransfer?

BIOCentre enables technology transfer and commercialization through incubation of new companies and through process development services.

BIOTransfer program enables direct collaboration of scientific groups and industries on various development projects.

The program is designed to provide smooth operation to all biotech companies that need top-notch laboratory services in the process of developing various biotechnological processes.

For any client or company, through specially agreed contractual research, we are able to provide high quality new product service.

It includes state-of-the-art research and development units, appropriate supporting technical facilities and services.

Central laboratory

The Central Laboratory offers all the necessary equipment for the further development of bioproducts, the development of the biotechnological process, the commercialization and registration of new products based on microbial or animal cells, as well as for the utilization and storage of production organisms.

The program is intended for all companies that have needs to use the equipment and services of the BIOCentre Central Laboratory, regardless of whether they are leasing BIOCentre’s facilities