Z-Med is a technology-oriented DIH that focuses on the application of certain technologies to address a sectoral or multisectoral challenge such as the use of AI in healthcare and related industries. Z-Med also supports sector-specific activities that may be narrower than the health sector in general. It is also a platform for ecosystem creation that unites multiple stakeholders, healthcare institutions, academia and the education system, and entrepreneurs.

Z-MED is an organizational part of PCKZŽ. Organizational and administrative support will be provided by PCKZŽ employees in cooperation with the partners, and one of the partners is BICRO BIOCentre Ltd.



Providing health services

Medical engineering (implants and prostheses) and devices



  • Development of methods for monitoring the validation of cleaning of production facilities after drug production

More about Z-MED please read here https://poduzetnickicentar-kzz.hr/z-med-en/