It was a pleasure to attend the Bioprocess Optimization workshop. Our mentors Adriana and Matea showed great expertise, professionalism and knowledge, and they knew how to transfer this to the trainees.

Lidija Gajić, M. Eng.

The practical workshop “Fundamentals of Cell Cultures” met my expectations. The mentor (Marko Marjanović, PhD) is communicative and an expert in the field of cell cultures. The workshop took place in a stimulating and interesting atmosphere. In short, both useful and enjoyable

Marijana Kapustić, M. Eng., Institute of Immunology, Inc.

At the end of my graduate studies I had the opportunity to do an internship at BICRO BIOCentre. I worked in the Proteomics Laboratory under the guidance of Ana Butorac, PhD, and in the Cell Biology Laboratory under the guidance of Marko Marjanović, PhD. I am extremely grateful for the experience and for their generous transfer of knowledge, which will certainly help me in my future career. I will definitely remember the family atmosphere the employees created, and I would recommend training at BIOCentre to all students who are interested in working in a professional environment and in a pleasant atmosphere.

Iva Vukoja, graduate student, Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology

Very professional training. Friendly lecturers who have a desire to transfer knowledge and to help. Special praise for Anita Šporec, PhD, and her younger colleague Iva Bebek, M. Eng., who does not fall behind her mentor.
I simply enjoyed everything: communicating with the lecturers, learning new things, visiting the lab, meeting new people, chatting over coffee and lunch.
I am grateful to all of you at BIOCentre, but also to my company Petrokemija d.d., which enabled me to have this kind of training.

Ksenija Babić, M. Eng., Petrokemija d.d.

Excellent experience, professional and friendly lecturers who are happy to share their knowledge

Ana Vučenović Mijatović, DVM, Institute of Immunology, Inc.

Approachable and very kind experts, shared a lot of knowledge in a short time. The theoretical and professional practice will be useful for my future work.

Josipa Ćakarun Miletić, M. Eng., Institute of Immunology, Inc.

Great experience, I learned everything I needed to conduct the experiment well.

Marina Prislin, DVM, Croatian Veterinary Institute

Marko Marjanović, PhD is an excellent lecturer and patiently answered all our questions. The practical training in flow cytometry was, in a word, excellent!

Nina Kresić, PhD, Croatian Veterinary Institute

Professional education” Liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry “exceeded my expectations. The training consisted of lectures and practical exercises. The theoretical part and protocols for the exercises were part of the educational materials we received at the beginning of the workshop. The “working” atmosphere was extremely pleasant and relaxed. Both lecturers (Ana Butorac, PhD and Marina Markeš, M.Sc.) showed their expertise and ability to transfer their knowledge to students. Also, they were approachable and open to questions. All in all, the workshop was useful and I would recommend it to my colleagues.

Nina Čuljak, M.Eng., Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology, Zagreb

I would comment on the experience as excellent. Colleagues who held the training are excellent lecturers, extremely approachable and kind, ready to answer any question, clarify any doubts and help. The education was held in an extremely professional way, and yet in a way understandable to beginners. Each of the techniques was presented from the beginning, in order to repeat the theoretical part, and the practical part was meaningfully structured from the beginning to the end.

Ana Matošević, M.Sc., Institute for Medical Research and Occupational Health (IMI)

The workshops held on October 12 and 13, 2021 were very interesting, instructive and held in a pleasant atmosphere. The lecturers were extremely helpful, also the theory and application of HPLC and MS methods were very well explained.

Marija Bartolić, Institute for Medical Research and Occupational Health (IMI)