Introducing the Croatia Corner at Vienna International Airport – Upcoming event: Plug and Play Expo Day on June 17th

It is our pleasure to inform you that SEE Regional Advisors Ltd. (SEER) and Vienna International Airport have organized a Croatia Corner at the Airport’s AirportCity coworking space. This coworking space is the hub for the Travel & Hospitality and the Smart Cities innovation activities of Silicon Valley’s famed Plug and Play innovation network and is home to a number of other International Corners in addition to the Croatia Corner.
Plug and Play will hold its Travel and Smart Cities Expo Day on June 17th, and SEER will be pleased to work with Croatian innovators of all types (startups, scaleups, large firm innovation centers, academic institutions, governmental entities, etc.), interested in participating. (See below for more information on Plug and Play’s Expo Day and how to participate.)

What the Croatia Corner offers members

Through SEER, Croatia-affiliated innovators will have available on very reasonable terms five workspaces in a 30 m2, 24/7 coworking area. Croatia Corner innovators will be able to use event spaces and meeting rooms, common areas (coffee, printers, lounge, terrace, etc.) and a variety of other facilities and services specifically designed for International Corner members. They will also have access to the many facilities and services that the Airport provides generally.

Croatia Corner members can use the Croatia Corner’s facilities to:
– maintain an inexpensive presence in Vienna
– meet investors and clients unable to visit them in Croatia
– prepare and present pitches, prepare for and recover from road shows etc.

Especially interesting is the opportunity, impossible to obtain in Croatia, to network and collaborate with the geographically and sectorally diverse International Corner innovators sharing the Airport’s coworking space and with those innovators’ investors, mentors and clients.

Croatia Corner members will benefit as well from events sponsored and staged by the Airport, by fellow International Corner innovators and, as discussed below, by a broad variety of other entities.

Croatia Corner networking opportunities; Plug and Play

Vienna Airport’s International Corners’ high density of innovators with great potential and great ambition make them very attractive to investors, lenders, potential clients and others interested in and interesting to innovators. Among the most important and best known of these entities is Plug and Play, which is a key partner of the Airport in the International Corners’ program. Plug and Play’s unicorns, including PayPal and Dropbox, are familiar to all, but its resources for startups/scaleups and corporate, governmental and academic innovators and its quality investors and mentors are equally famous in the innovation community and of immense value to Croatia Corner members.

Upcoming event: Plug and Play Expo Day on June 17

As noted, above, Plug and Play will hold its Travel and Smart Cities Expo Day on June 17th. The event, which will be virtual as the times require, will enable Croatian companies interested in the wide variety of services Plug and Play provides to innovators, and to investors, advisors and others that work with innovators, a chance to see for themselves what Plug and Play offers. To register to attend, please contact SEER at

More information

More information is available here AirportCity about AirportCity and here Office Park 4 about Office Park 4, where the Plug and Play and International Corners coworking space is located. Plug and Play’s Vienna  activities are described here: Plug and Play Vienna.

Reserving Space in the Croatia Corner; further inquiries

Innovators interested in reserving space in the Croatia Corner should contact SEER at SEER will respond rapidly with the information needed.