"Bioprocessing - modular workshop", 14th – 16th of March 2018.


It is our pleasure to invite you to “Bioprocessing - modular workshop" that will take place from 14th – 16th of March 2018. in BIOCentre.
Expected outcome: Choosing from a combination of lectures, exercises and demonstration experiments within 4 separate Modules participants will gain a deeper understanding of, both, fundamental subjects (e.g. stochiometry/kinetics of metabolic networks, physiology etc.) and applications including design of microorganisms and fermentation process planning and design.
You can choose which Module is more suitable for you, but of course you can apply for all 4 Modules.

Price: 1.000,00 HRK per Module (tax is included) 
Students: 20% discount
Other participants: 10% for payments received by 21.02.2018.

Please click here to see the workshop program.

Registration deadline: 28.2.2018. or until we reach maximum capacity.
Please fill in the application form

For other information please contact us: adriana.lepur@biocentre.hr